Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I come to praise TPTP and bury it

I tried out the new TPTP (Test & Performance Tools Platform) tool yesterday. In the end I was able to get it to work but there are a number of very annoying problems.

The first issue is the new monitor page in the run configuration will randomly forget its settings. If Memory Analysis is selected make sure you edit its options to track object allocation sites. Otherwise you'll have a hard time tracing object allocation back to your source code.

The big issue is with the Java Profiling options. Manually setting a content filter set does not work as expected. The Default filter set does not work as expected (already reported to Eclipse). The filter below hides all org* classes instead of only showing org.apache* classes.

    org*                 *    EXCLUDE
    org.apache*          *    INCLUDE

Specify the filter below worked only for me in our group.

    com.kelman.*         *    INCLUDE

Everyone else had to use the following.

    com.kelman*         *    INCLUDE

The potential issue is Java 1.6 is not supported by TPTP. For the project I'm working on it is not an issue since Java 1.5 works extremely well for us.

The documentation for TPTP is overly complex for someone wanting to simply run an application and do a bit of performance analysis.

Now that I've buried TPTP its time for a bit of praise.

Once we figured out the monitor configuration problems the tool worked like a charm. A great new feature is the integration of the Agent Controller. If you are debugging an application on a local machine, TPTP will start the Agent Controller. No more worries about installing and managing the Agent Controller as a service.

TPTP by default tries to show you as little as possible. I think this is a good thing. It keeps TPTP responsive and forces you to think hard about what packages or classes should be included in the performance analysis.


elfman03 said...

On your first issue with filters. I believe that filters need to be specified in the opposite order (i.e., decreasing priority order)...

org* * EXCLUDE
org.apache* * INCLUDE

the exclude of org* takes precendence over the include of org.apache*. I think you want:

org.apache* * INCLUDE
org* * EXCLUDE

will include all org.apache classes and exclude all other org classes.

The dialog could definately be more clear.

David Kyle said...

The problem I'm having is getting TPTP to understand that a filter has changed. There are a number of bugs reported about this kind of problem. See Bug #190802 as an example.